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Ari Eldjárn


Ari Eldjárn is Iceland’s biggest comedian. Born and raised in Reykjavík, he has done numerous TV specials, sold out the National Theatre for months on end, mixed comedy and classical music with the Icelandic National Symphony and performed with comedians such as Ari Shaffir, Bill Burr and Ed Byrne. “Pardon my Icelandic” is his debut solo show in english.

The show received rave reviews and was sold out for its entire run at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe, as well as his London debut with a 3 night, sell out run at The Soho Theatre.

Ari has already taken part in a host of BBC Radio Comedy programmes, including Scotland Vs… The World, recorded at the Edinburgh Fringe, The Arts Hour on Tour for the BBC World Service, and an episode of Welcome to Wherever You Are for BBC Radio 4. He was also part of the Amazon series Audible Presents… live from the Edinburgh Fringe. In December he appeared on the #TrendingComics Gala at the Montreux Comedy Festival.

This Spring, Ari returned to London for a massively successful week-long run at the Soho Theatre. He then made his Australian debut at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival where, in addition to performing Pardon My Icelandic, he appeared as part of the opening night Comedy Allstars Supershow.   Ari appeared on this seasons BBC2 hit series  Mock the Week.



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