Week 2 – Edinburgh Fringe

Well it is officially the beginning of the 2nd week of the Edinburgh Fringe festival.  The 2nd week is great as you aren’t too tired but the shows are usually bedded in. You have a routine about how to get through your day. Reviews abound and award shows are in full swing.


Of course, in Brighton, we usually feel miles away from the action. Today the weather is pretty similar to that of Edinburgh, so we feel your pain. Grey and rainy is the order of the day. It’s easier to have rain in Edinburgh when you are performing in a metal box. Much more comfortable for everyone.


In other touring news for early September –

Dylan Moran begins his UK tour Dr Cosmos

Ross Noble begins his UK tour of El Hablador

and Sara Pascoe begins her UK tour of LadsLadsLads 


Joining them in late September is the fantastic Austentatious. Really not to be missed


They are collectively playing so many venues that if one of them isn’t playing a town near you then one of the others will be. So much fantastic autumn comedy that we almost want the summer to be over. (I said “Almost”)


We never want to be UK centric, so Stephen K Amos (Bouquets & Brickbats) and Daniel Sloss (X) begin their tours in September too.


Keep plugging away and we’ll see you on the other side.