Francesco De Carlo: Comfort Zone – Soho Theatre

Mick Perrin Worldwide presents:


Thu 17 – Sat 19 May 2018 8.45pm

In this incredibly entertaining hour  Francesco De Carlo asks – what do you discover when you decide to leave the safety of your sofa in Italy to become a foreigner in the UK, just as the UK decides to leave Europe? Because Francesco has done just that and he’s here to share his adventures and hilarious findings in this hit Edinburgh show.

As heard on ‘Welcome to Wherever You Are’ (BBC Radio 4) and seen on ‘Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip’ (BBC2) and ‘Unspun With Matt Forde’ (Dave)

If I was an Italian comedian performing in English, I would want to be as  funny as Francesco De Carlo” Eddie Izzard

“Wonderfully spot-on… considerable knack for comedic delivery” ««««Arts Fringes

“One hour of pure entertainment” «««« Voice Magazine

“English may not be his first language…but he is fluent in comedy” ««««ThreeWeeks

“Extremely witty observations of British culture” ««««The Mumble

“He has a disarming sincerity which is very charming indeed. A lovely way to spend an hour”«««« Bouquets and Brickbats

“A spitfire pace and a delivery style characterised by high-energy gesticulation and confident charm” ««««EdUncovered

“In the short hour the comic pulled out all the stops and was unrelenting with his smart, witty and tightly structured comedy” ««««The New Current