Eddie Izzard –The Remix is a chance for Eddie, inspired by her ever loyal audiences to remix and re-imagine some of her own favorite, personal comedy highlights.  

Eddies 35 years of sell- out comedy shows stretch from  “The Ambassadors” in 1993 to “Wunderbar” in 2019

Ever wondered what became of Darth Vader and Mr Stevens or the monkey in the tree, did the pears ever ripen… and will God ever appear? It’s a glorious chance to ‘maybe’ find out the answers or discover more questions to those Izzard conundrums. It’s highly likely that no night will be exactly the same so as ever with Eddie, expect the unexpected. 

“In the first 35 years of my standup career I came up with many weird and crazy comedy stories. 

The ones I like the best will be in my 2023 live Remix Tour. “ 

Eddie Izzard 

This show promises to be a beautiful, hilarious journey spanning a 35 year career of talking thought provoking, nonsense, who could resist? .

Presented by Mick Perrin Worldwide

This show may contain strong and imaginative language.