Dave Hill: Witch Taint


“Blackest metal and droll humor combine for nonstop laughs”

The Austin Chronicle

Until the Light Takes Us meets The Vagina Monologues

LA Weekly

“Shit got weird.”

Metal Assault

“Our favorite metal band!”

-The Church of Satan (and yes, this is an actual quote from the actual Church of Satan)

“If Catfish tried to go metal, it would very likely fall short of the true story and infernal comedy of Witch Taint: The Black Metal Dialogues LIVE!”

-The Comedy Bureau

Witch Taint: The Black Metal Dialogues LIVE! is an extremely grim new comedy show that  has already played to sold out crowds at SXSW, San Francisco Sketchfest, and the Crap Comedy Festival in Oslo, Norway, the very city that inspired it in the first place. Here’s the scoop:

In 2004, comedian Dave Hill, a grown man living in New York City, was inspired by the insanity (e.g. murder, church burning, suicide, etc.) of the Norwegian black metal scene and began posing as Lance, a teenager living with his parents in Gary, Indiana, who also just so happened to be the lead singer and sole member of the most extreme, brutal, and Satanic black metal band of all-time, Witch Taint. As Lance, Dave began emailing with a Norwegian black metal record label owner in Oslo named Saiitham in hopes of getting signed to the label on the strength of one excruciatingly bad song called “Necrodreamraper.” Their lengthy e-mail conversation, now known among the faithful as the Black Metal Dialogues (www.theblackmetaldialogues.com), quickly became the stuff of legend and is considered by many to be the most infernal, extreme, and downright unholy electronic mail correspondence of all-time.

In “Witch Taint: The Black Metal Dialogues Live!”, this infernal and 100% real email chain is brought life by comedians Dave Hill and Phil Costello, complete with corpse paint, ill-fitting black clothing, disturbing videos, and- if all goes as planned- a live and mildly irritated goat, culminating in a live performance by the mighty Witch Taint that will probably scar you for life. This promises to be the most extreme and kvlt thing that has ever happened ever. If you think you can handle it, please come. However, in the event that you have a preexisting health condition that is aggravated by things that are evil, extreme, infernal, brutal, kvlt, unholy, and/or just sort of negative in general, you will most likely be sent screaming into the night until you eventually grow tired and collapse in a ditch somewhere. Also, this is not a music show by a band. It is a comedy show about a band, which is different.