Who will be nominated for the Edinburgh Comedy Awards?

Is today the day that the nominations come out? I hope so.

Final week of the fringe. This is the fun week, you can see the end in sight, parties and you hopefully have a great show.

We will be scouring the venue and Award websites all day for the news. Let us know if you see if first via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram….


In other touring news for early September –

Dylan Moran begins his UK tour Dr Cosmos

Ross Noble begins his UK tour of El Hablador

and Sara Pascoe begins her UK tour of LadsLadsLads 


Joining them in late September is the fantastic Austentatious. Really not to be missed


We never want to be UK centric, so Stephen K Amos (Bouquets & Brickbats) and Daniel Sloss (X) begin their tours in September too.


I hate to say Summer is almost over but as we work on booking tours and travel several months ahead, we are in late autumn and spring 2019 mode. Sorry….