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Phil Nichol

We are delighted to announce that Phil Nichol will be touring the UK with us this Autumn with his tour ‘Your wrong’.


Trump. Your wrong. Brexit. Your wrong. Facebook. Your wrong. Tinder. Your wrong. Religion. Your wrong. Fashion. Your wrong. Grammar. Your wrong!

We are being watched. Whether it’s the grammar Nazis on the internet, the court of public opinion in the media, the government through our smart phones, the aliens from deep in the crust of the moons of Jupiter, or by God himself, we are being monitored. The pressure to “get it right” is tremendous! Right?

Your Wrong questions the nature of understanding and explores our modern day need to be right about everything.


Phil Nichol will be performing at the Southport Comedy Festival  – the poster is below and details and link are here

The Vincent Hotel – Wednesday 17 October – 8pm




Photo Credit: Steve Ullathorne


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