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Eddie Izzard has been hailed as one of the foremost Stand-Ups of this generation. He takes ideas and situations and extrapolates them into bizarre tangential, absurd, and surreal comic narratives. He is the first to admit that he gets well paid for talking total bollocks. The good pay is because unlike the bollocks most of us talk, it’s funny.

“Eddie Izzard has reclaimed his crown as the most poised comedian in Britain” The Times

“A National Treasure” The Guardian

“The Funniest stand-up I’ve ever seen…people are falling from their seats” The Sun

“Back to His Best” Radio 1

‘The British comedian fits many definitions of a cult hero’ Las Vegas Journal

A global history lesson in two breathtaking hours. It is worth queuing overnight to see” Sunday Express

‘His humor reflects the scattershot lunacy of Monty Python, but with flashes of Robin Williams’s manic energy and a sophisticated silliness that is entirely his own’ The New York Times

“ Two hours of wonderfully tortuous musing…He hits the heights” The Sunday Times ****

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12:00am | 27 January