Who We Are


Mick Perrin Worldwide promote comedy in over 50 different countries around the world in the Arena and Theatre touring market.

Over the last 15 years MPW have produced major UK and international tours for numerous top acts, as well as attracting artists wishing to tour internationally from outside the MPW ‘traditional stable’. In 2003 Mick Perrin was the first promoter to tour live stand-up comedy in UK Arenas with Eddie Izzard’s SEXY tour.

MPW have a large presence at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with a varied roster of emerging international and UK talent. MPW have been instrumental in growing artist’s audiences from touring Arts Centers to top venues in the UK and abroad, by building on opportunities arising from other media such as TV, Radio, and YouTube.

Due to their unique network of contacts, in addition to UK touring, MPW have been able to access and develop large and potential markets in previously unexplored territories.

As well as identifying and exploiting markets across Europe, MPW were the first UK Comedy Promoters to tour comedians in Russia and the first to stage a commercial stand up comedy show in Mainland China under license from the Chinese government. Further afield, MPW work across the Far East, South Africa and are progressing touring markets in South America. MPW take pride in including international dates along side UK touring itineraries, bringing comedy to a wide, appreciative and lucrative international market.

Mick Perrin

Managing DirectorEmail Mick Perrin

Aaron Edwards

Finance DirectorEmail Aaron Edwards

Anya O’Neill

Promoter for Bo Burnham, Dylan Moran, Eddie Izzard, Julian Clary, Louise Pentland, Ross Noble, Sara Pascoe, Simon Amstell, Tommy Tiernan, and Trevor NoahEmail Anya O’Neill

Viki Sever

Promoter for Alan Davies, Alfie Moore, Austentatious, Gary, Tank Commander, Lloyd Langford, Michael Mittermeier, Paul Merton & Reginald D HunterEmail Viki Sever

Emma Donaghy

Assistant PromoterEmail Emma Donaghy

Holly Hyams

(Maternity leave)Email Holly Hyams

Ruben Austin-Hakin

Edinburgh PromoterEmail Ruben Austin-Hakin

Nick Handford

International PromoterEmail Nick Handford

Shaun Weager

International PromoterEmail Shaun Weager

Nathalie Laurent-Marke

Agent MPW Artist ManagementEmail Nathalie Laurent-Marke

Kate Bulpitt

Assistant, International DepartmentEmail Kate Bulpitt

Sarah Johnson

International Tour Manager for Eddie Izzard, Production Manager for Edinburgh Fringe ArtistsEmail Sarah Johnson

Jenny Kelly

Office ManagerEmail Jenny Kelly