Who We Are

Mick Perrin

Managing DirectorEmail Mick Perrin

Aaron Edwards

Finance DirectorEmail Aaron Edwards

Anya O’Neill

Promoter for Bo Burnham, Dylan Moran, Eddie Izzard, Julian Clary, Louise Pentland, Ross Noble, Sara Pascoe, Simon Amstell, Tommy Tiernan, and Trevor NoahEmail Anya O’Neill

Viki Sever

Promoter for Alan Davies, Alfie Moore, Austentatious, Gary, Tank Commander, Lloyd Langford, Michael Mittermeier, Paul Merton, Reginald D Hunter & Sofie HagenEmail Viki Sever

Holly Hyams

Promoter for EdinburghEmail Holly Hyams

Emma Donaghy

Event AdministratorEmail Emma Donaghy

Nick Handford

International PromoterEmail Nick Handford

Nathalie Laurent-Marke

Agent MPW Artist ManagementEmail Nathalie Laurent-Marke

Sarah Johnson

International Tour Manager for Eddie Izzard, Promoter for Beardyman and Eddie Izzard 333 shows, Production Manager for Edinburgh Fringe ArtistsEmail Sarah Johnson

James Kelly

Tour Manager, Database DesignerEmail James Kelly

Jenny Kelly

Office ManagerEmail Jenny Kelly